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Cloud benefits in figures by Vanson Bourne

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Among his main contributions, the cloud increases the speed of access to technology and deployment time. It also reduces data loss. Dixit a study by Vanson Bourne.

Cloud computing involves a deep enough sense to change sourcing policy directions of information systems.

It does indeed evolve the purchase of computer of the investment universe resources (CAPEX) than operating expenses (OPEX). At a time when IT major suppliers are moving towards this new business model, it is legitimate to ask whether the game is worth the candle.

According to a study conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Tata Communications, the answer is yes. 72% of 970 IT decision makers interviewed for this survey, all engaged in projects cloud , this area accounted for their organization a "good ROI." 19% of respondents describe themselves as to the ROI of "substantial". These makers estimate that 27% (average) cost reductions realized from the implementation of these solutions.


But where specifically from cost reductions resulting in the return on investment? The largest part of the consulted leaders (65%) evokes accelerating access to technology. Other areas of economy followed by the reduction of lead times (cited by 49% of respondents) and that data loss (48%).

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