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Providing support in the evolution of your needs! Structure and enhance your data with our Business Apps Development Center: ExoDev. An expert team in the design of your digital needs (software, websites, mobile). These creators build customized solutions to be sure to guarantee you a unique product that fits your criteria.

So that development rhymes with change.

Our job: help you transform your needs into application solutions!

Exodev is a team of passionate people with an expertise acquired through the various ambitious projects that have been entrusted to it. We love excellence, this is why we are reactive and attentive to your requests in all areas of activity, and because we know that needs evolve, we show foresight and creativity in proposing our solutions.

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Our Business Apps Services

Business Application Development

To design applications that fit your needs

Because we want your teams to have all the tools for the development of your business, we support you in the design of customized applications.

In order for you to achieve your goals, we develop applications following a development process consisting of : 

- the collection of needs: the analysis of your needs and the creation of specification documents (in the case of a graphical interface, we can create mock-ups)

- the design: identification of the technical requirements to meet the specifications

- the construction: the main activity, the development of the application

- the acceptance testing: setting up application tests, responding to specifications

Always striving for excellence, we may work with other divisions of the Exodata group, in particular the Business Analysis Department, to design applications that meet your needs or to guide you towards existing solutions.

  • Design of functional components (intranet, extranet, mobile)
  • Management application
  • CRM / Customer Relationship Management
  • Development of mobile applications ( iOS, Android )
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Integration of business solutions

To manage your business with the right tools and the right data

In a world where application solutions must coexist, an integrator is a key element in the proper use of the application environment.

As the integrator has a global vision of this environment, it enables him to understand the technical solutions to be implemented. To do this, he contributes:

- To the design of the solution
- The integration of the solution in a technical environment close to the production environment
- The compatibility between the different systems
- To the technical tests
- At the pre-production stage for functional verification
- Supporting the solution after deployment

In the age of Big Data, a company's data is an integral part of its heritage and a valuable information resource to be exploited. Our B.I. tools will allow you to manage your company in an efficient way by using dashboards.

  • Integration of functional components (intranet, extranet, mobile)
  • ECM / Document Management / SharePoint
  • ERP / Enterprise Resource Planning
  • SaaS ( Collaborative messaging, office automation, collaboration tools, file sharing, remote desktop )
  • Integration and evolutive / corrective maintenance of your business tools
  • Microsoft Office 365 deployment
  • B.I. tools (agile design of operational management dashboard and iterative construction of decisional data)
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Our methodology

Collection of needs
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Your project

Start your digital transformation

Do you want to improve the security of your infrastructure with teams able to support you to always have the right attitude? Leave us a few words about your project, and your expectations. 

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Our customers say

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Jérôme Courteaud

Logistics & Process Manager, IT Referent - NORDEV

Flexibility, reactivity, professionalism, ability to succeed despite strong constraints, these are the criteria that led us to choose Exodata. We know that we can count on them, whatever happens, and that is priceless!

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Find out what our customers say about our quality of service, and see how you can improve your company's performance by optimizing your information system with our experts. Secure, enhance, and ensure the availability of your data. Our Credo.

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Your questions

We have a ticketing solution that allows us to follow in real time via a dashboard and notifications the evolutions of your application, the anomalies as well as the improvements.

We use an internally developed framework that allows you to benefit from modules, which can significantly shorten the development time of an application. This framework is enriched with new features every day.

You are supported by a multi-disciplinary team, which will develop a "secure by design" application!

Our team is composed of development engineers who have expertise in several areas of activity, including the insurance industry, which was the foundation of the Business Apps division.
Afterwards, we developed through other activities (events, transport, retail, real estate ...). Excellence is a fundamental value at Exodata, this is why we provide continuous training of our engineers.

Yes, we can make sure that you get back the functionality you need for your business. To do this, we organize workshops to identify the problems and constraints of your business.

We have developed a development platform that we have named ExoSkeleton. It natively integrates user management, publishing management, configuration and data import-export functionalities, among others.

We also offer training sessions for the use of our solutions.

Finally, we work in close collaboration with the various departments of the Exodata group in order to ensure that you are supported and deployed with complete peace of mind and transparency.

Our expert team can collect your needs through our workshops, analyze your issues and constraints to ensure the development of an application that will provide the most efficient return on investment.

Working closely with our clients, we can adapt to possible changes at each key stage of our activity, including analysis, design, construction and acceptance.

For the mobile part, we can ensure deployment on different platforms (AppStore and GooglePlay).